Smart Energy Apps
No more sifting through large volumes of raw data from an energy monitoring tool! Let EcoRender turn your energy information into easy to understand, interactive media.
Public Displays
Put your name in lights. Our large-format touchscreen kiosks let your customers interact and learn about the benefits of your installation!

Save Money, Time & Energy.

Commercial and Government entities (including schools) are implementing highly sophisticated alternative energy systems. Internally, these entities have an interest in a simple interface that provides energy consumption and generation performance at-a-glance.

Using interactive media and live data, EcoRender allows anyone in the organization to know instantly whether the power generation systems are functioning as planned or whether corrective action is required.


"The [EcoRender] software turned out great, and we were extremely happy with the service we received. Our order was handled professionally and on time to meet the customers’ demands. "